Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

Barbara Eden, 90s American actress, is now age 78. She is popular as an actress and singer. You can’t forget her role in the movie “I Dream of Jeannie”. She has done plastic surgery to hide her wrinkles and keep youthful look. If you check the pictures of her, you can see the changes that happened in her face and entire body.She had done a couple of cosmetic surgeries to change her total look, it includes liposuction, nose job and breast implants.


It is the process of removing fat from the body. Yes, Barbara had gained some weight before and to remove those unwanted fat she has undergone lipoplasty. It is an expensive process. Whatever, she had done it. And lost her weight.

Nose Job

Barbara had done nose job at the age of 75. Most of the rumors were about her nose job.  If you check her old photos, you can see that her nose was round shaped. And now it is thinner and narrow one. Yes, it is true she had done rhinoplasty.

Face lift

Her face looks young. Do you  know the secret behind her fresh skin without any wrinkle or lines?
Some expert plastic surgeons said that she had tightened her cheeks. It is done by injecting fillers into the face. It gives youthful skin and  will remove wrinkles. Usually, most women at this age would have saggy eyes. But her eyes seems youthful.

Now a days, almost every celebrities who aged above 40 are injecting fillers. They just want to be young and keep their looks.


Breast Implants

There were rumors existed about her breasts also. Yeah, the list not completed the yet. She also had breast implants. Well, it was not a failure. The enlargement fits her body perfectly. If you check the photos of her before and after, you can see that her breast size increased than before. It is because of the surgery she had done. Now she have larger cups.