Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery – Nose Job Before & After

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway has done plastic surgery. The 30-year-old celebrity has undergone breast implants and nose job. She did not mess up and the results are awesome. Looks better than before with new big and well-shaped breasts.

Breast Implants – Perfect Size

Anne Hathaway breast implants

Anne Hathaway was a woman used to have a flat chest. And I think she really tired of this. To get rid of what she says “the boyish look”, she had undergone breast implants. Anne looks so comfortable and happy after the implants done. The size of breasts is 34C, and it suits well for her 5 feet 6 inches body. I actually love Anne’s smile, it is adorable. Now I love her breasts also (I hope every man too!).

Anne Hathaway breast implants before and after

Nowadays most celebrities are choosing big sized implants, which seems quite unusual. The oversized breasts are giving away a weird look and not attractive as they think. Everyone can easily spot that those are fake. Then what’s the point of getting breast implants? Whatever Anne is lucky to get a nice pair of implants.

The celebrity has not admitted about any of the plastic surgery reports. That’s sad because you can actually spot the changes in nose and breasts just by looking at the photos. She is a known celebrity and admitting plastic surgery might affect her future of acting career. Go through the pictures I’ve posted and decide whether she had done or not.

Anne Hathaway plastic surgery

Nose Job

The next thing about Anne is her nose. While comparing the old and new pictures, you can see that the nose was thick before. And in the recent picture, it is thin and narrow. What did she do to her nose? Is it any natural change or done any makeup to look thin? No, it is by nose job only. Rhinoplasty is used among big celebrities as well as common people. The only difference is common people using this to get the normal shape of the nose which was ruined by accident or disorders or something. And the celebrities are doing this to make their face more perfect. I don’t think Anne really needed a rhinoplasty, the nose was good anyways.

Anne Hathaway plastic surgery before and after

Along with the new breasts and nose, there exist rumors saying that she had done something to her lips. After examining the recent pictures, it seems that the lips are fuller than before. And she used some fillers to get it done. You know? Dermal fillers – used for lip implants, to make lips fuller and to add volume. But I’m not agreeing with this because there’s no such “drastic” change in her lips. Maybe it’s because of lip gloss or something like that.

Whether she had lip augmentation or not, with all these above plastic surgery procedures Anne Hathaway just looks better and confident.