Ally Walker Plastic Surgery Fail: Before & After Nose Job Pictures

You know Ally Walker as she was in the series of television shows like Profiler, Sons of Anarchy, The Protector. She is also popular as a Hollywood actress. Well, Ally Walker is in her 50’s now. The young skin started getting old and she wants her nose to be altered. In order to cover them up, the American actress has done plastic surgery. The surgery includes facelift and nose job.

Nobody can forget her role in the movie “Universal Soldier”. She was beautiful and stunning those days. Just like other celebrities in Hollywood, there is also some rumors around her fans that she has undergone knives. Is this true?

Ally Walker plastic surgery

Okay, Let’s check her photos. If you check her old pictures and compare them with the recent ones, you can’t find any difference in the first look. If you look closely, you can see some changes in her nose. Yes, she had a nose job. Before, her nose was round shaped. Now it’s thin and narrow. Well, her rhinoplasty was not at all a good one. The change didn’t really make her any better look. Some of her fans said that she took a wrong decision about the nose. Her nose didn’t suit on her face. Her nose literally lost its shape. It looks odd. Isn’t it?

Ally Walker cosmetic-surgery

We have seen many celebrity plastic surgery fails. One should take intense care about the cosmetic treatment decisions. Because you have to pay big for a little mistake. It even affects celebrity’s career.  Unlike Ashley Tisdale nose job, Ally walker’s was an awful one. She regrets the decision.
Ally Walker nose job

Ally Walker also has done a facelift. I said so because there are no marks of aging on her face. Not a single line or wrinkle. It is surely of the lift she had. It made her skin soft and shining. It tightens the skin around her face. Almost every celebrities at middle age doing this facelift to keep the young look. But in the case of Ally walker, her face is an example of plastic surgery disaster. Her old look was better. She would look fine without any cosmetic surgeries in the face, seriously.

What do you think folks? Do you like her with or without surgery?