Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery: Done Breast Implants & Nose Job – Fail Or Win?

Adrienne Bailon, singer of the band “the Cheetah Girls” has done plastic surgery. It is rumored that she had undergone Botox fillers, eyelid surgery, and a nose job. These rumors were popped out when she appeared in 40/40 Club 10th year anniversary party.

People wondered about her new looks. Because there is a lot of changes in her face. It seems that she had some works done. So what are the cosmetic surgery procedures did Adrienne Bailon done?

Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery
Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery


Eyelid Surgery

The most noticeable change in Adrienne’s face was her eyes. It is wide and open than before. And on that night, she used some fake eyelashes also. Blepharoplasty and the eyelashes together made her eye more weird and ugly. I don’t get why these celebrities are rushing to get eyelashes like Barbie dolls. Those seem pretty fake and definitely not beautiful.

adrienne bailon plastic surgery

After the surgery, it improved the appearance of upper and lower eyelids. If you check the old pictures of Adrienne, you can see her eyes were half closed type ones. But now it is open and wide. It could be done only by blepharoplasty aka eyelid surgery.

Botox fillers

The next rumors were about her fresh facial skin. Is it all natural? No, it is Botox fillers only. Her face seems smooth and shining. People speculating that the new frozen appearance of her face is because of the Botox injections she had done. It might be true because she was trying hard to move the face. I think she is kinda addicted to plastic surgery and will turn to a doll-like figure soon.

Breast Implants

While going through the before and after pictures of 29-year-old singer Adrienne Bailon, it seems that there’re some changes in volume and shape of her breasts. It is certainly by breast implants. One does not simply enhance to this big sized breasts by diet or exercise. She was proud of her new breasts and it gave confidence and self-esteem.

adrienne bailon breast implants


Nose Job

We know people who doing nose job for medical treatments for breathing problems and deformities caused by accidents, etc. But nowadays celebrities are doing this to make little changes in the appearance of nasal features.

There’s also rumors exist that the singer had done a nose job. While going through the pictures, her nose seems changed a little. Older, it was big and shapeless. And in the recent pictures, you can see her nose changed to narrow and thin one. This surely suits to the plastic face with fake eyelashes.

Lip Implants

Along with all these, she had done lip implants also. Her lips seem fuller and big in volume. But it is still ugly. I think the plastic surgeon used a ton of fillers to turn her lips like this. It is over-sized. If it was a perfect and medium amount, it would look beautiful.

adrienne bailon lip implants

But, I like to say that her lip implants were also a fail. Anyone can easily find that her lips are fake. Why these celebrities themselves ruin their beauty by overdoing these plastic surgery procedures. Her looks without all these surgeries were better. Adrienne is an another example of plastic surgery fail.